Ruth Wilson + Theatre

Philistines, 2007

Ruth Wilson

"As kids Ruth and I would fight quite a lot. Physically, too. Ruth was a real tomboy. I’d charge around the field with my friends, building dens, and Ruth was always involved. She was never shy of roughing it up and climbing trees. Mum and dad were fairly liberal, and let us disappear all day. Opposite our house was an overgrown gravel pit and we lived close to the Thames. We’d swim in the river and sail. We had little dinghy boats and complete freedom". - Matt Wilson

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You always have an idea of what you’d like to do, but you can never predict what’s going to happen. Nothing happens quickly, so you just have to go where the good work is, and you realise what you need as an individual, and what you enjoy doing. I love filmmaking but it’s a long process and it can be frustrating sitting around waiting to act, so I thought right, I need to get on stage, because it feels so much more immediate and you have more control.